Dropship POs created from a Sales order don't pick up the ShipVia

  • 13 September 2022
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Consider the following scenario:

  1. Customer places an order on a website and chooses their shipping method
  2. Order is injected into Acumatica as a Sales Order.  Ship Via exists here.
  3. At the time of order injection, we determine that it will be fulfilled via DropShip and automatically set the Order Line up accordingly.
  4. We have Automation that “creates purchase orders” for all of those orders.

Now, a human needs to go and touch every single PO and set a shipping method.


I saw this rejected idea from four years ago:


When we transmit a DropShip PO to a partner, it must include a shipping method.  Our partners are shipping 3rd Party on our carrier accounts and we need to specify the class of service.  Requiring that value to be set manually when it’s already been determined earlier in the order lifecycle is not at all scalable.

I’m honestly a bit shocked that I’m going to have to develop (or pay for) a customization to handle what truly is a bug.


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4 replies

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Unfortunately, this is the current functionality. You would need to either add a business event or customization to update the PO ship via based on the associated SO.

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Hi @Jacob ,

Your partner also reached out to me about this topic.  It’s on my radar.

I have reopened the rejected idea from 4 years ago.  Let’s have another look at this and open it up to the Community to chime in on.

If many are having to go the customization route, i would like to know this.





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@Dana Moffat  - Hi Dana,  We are also facing this as a big gap for one of our customers.  Is there a new thread where we can vote/add comments?


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Hi @debbiereed72  here is the idea

Ship Via in Acumatica is at the header level.  In your customer’s situation on the order line, do you have just drop ships or are you also sourcing some lines from inventory?  Noting that a ship via for a vendor (ie drop ship) may not be the same as the ship via for orders you fill from inventory with carrier services that the warehouse will use.


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