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  • 20 September 2022
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Hello Everyone.

I would like to understand the functionality of Avg cost in sales order 

I have reviewed the Stock Item Price cost and observed that avg cost is 256.85 but in My sales order when the SKU is selected it is showing 303.50

Further, I verified and observed the avg cost value is coming from the inventory summary- Estimated cost column

Just want to understand why the estimated cost value is not updated on the avg cost details under that SKU or else do we have functional calculations on this?

Any thoughts on this? Also, share the article if you have anything related to this.


Notes: All receipts are released, No pending transactions for this item with the respective purchasing side


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10 replies

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@manikantad18 - Can you please check what is the Last Vendor Price on Vendors Tab of the Stock Item Profile? 

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Hi @RohitBhandurge  Please find the details here


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Hi @manikantad18 please check the cost at the warehouse level. The stock item average cost is a blend across all warehouses. 

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Hi @manikantad18 

@RohitBhandurge  is correct, it is pulling from the Vendor Tab of the item for Last Cost:



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@manikantad18 @kbeatty21 - Also please check for the Costs on Item Warehouse Details as @joakley70 advised. 


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@manikantad18 @kbeatty21 - Also please check for the Costs on Item Warehouse Details as @joakley70 advised. 


That is true also! Thanks @RohitBhandurge 

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Hi @manikantad18 Please find the below details.

Stock Items → Average Cost: The Average Cost fields in the Stock Item screen shows the Average cost for the Qty On Hand on all the Warehouse.

           => Qty On Hand on all Warehouses/ Total Cost


Sales Orders → Average Cost: Whereas the Average Cost in Sales Orders Details will show the Average Cost for the Selected Warehouse.

              =>Qty On Hand on selected Warehouse in the SO Line/ Total Cost



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Hi @ChandrasekharM Thank you for the help.

To every one


Avg cost in stock Item is displayed across all the warehouses, when you add the Item in SO the avg cost will be populated based on the warehouse avg cost.

thank you

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Hi Folks, I have a question on this topic:

Is it possible to configure Acumatica to use stock item’s general Average Cost instead of Warehouse specific Average Cost for Issue (shipment) Transactions? 



Is there a way to pull one report with avg cost for all stock items and how? thank you. 


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