Adjustment Created from Cycle Count Entry

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Acumatica is creating a zero adjustment transaction for for cycle counts with no lines adjusted for inaccuracy.  How can I eliminate this adjustment from occurring?


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HI @ScottAtkinson 

Acumatica is posting the 0 qty variance?

The adjustment should not have those on it.

Here is what I get when I do an PI count:


How is your PI Type set up?


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@kandybeatty49 ,

I think  @ScottAtkinson is saying, when there are no variances for any item, Acumatica produces an inventory adjustment batch with $0, 0 qty adjustments for the counted items.  Your example had count variances on the last two lines and correctly produced a 2-line entry.

What happens when you release a Count with no lines adjusted for inaccuracy?



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We will freeze and count a bay at a time.  See below how we have our preferences set.  Also, @Laura02 is correct, we are seeing adjustments when there there are zero quantity differences.


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Hi @ScottAtkinson 

Acumatica will automatically create a ZERO adjustment even if there are no variances.

I looked and have not found a way to turn this off. 

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Here is what the help says:

Adjustment Generation

If the Release PI Adjustment Automatically check box is selected on the Inventory Preferences (IN101000) form, when you complete the physical inventory, the system changes the status of the physical inventory document to Completed and generates the inventory adjustments to correct the on-hand quantities. An adjustment is generated for each item with a nonzero quantity variance, including the items with no associated transactions. The system uses the current costs of the items to calculate the cost variance. The reference numbers of these documents are displayed on the Adjustment Info tab of the Physical Inventory Review (IN305000) form; the status of these documents is Balanced. You can review the generated adjustments on the Adjustments tab of this form.

If the Release PI Adjustment Automatically check box is cleared, the system works as follows:

  • When you click Complete PI on the form toolbar of the Physical Inventory Review form, the physical inventory document has the In Review status and an adjustment is created with the Balanced status on the Adjustments (IN303000) form.
  • In the adjustment on the Adjustments form, you can edit the value of the Unit Cost column for particular items if the value of the Quantity column is positive for the item. When you manually change the unit cost and save the edited adjustment, the system changes the value of the Final Ext. Variance Cost column in the item line of the physical inventory document on the Physical Inventory Review form.
  • You can delete an adjustment before the adjustment is released. After the adjustment is deleted, the status of the physical inventory document changes to Data Entering on the Physical Inventory Review form. You can edit the physical inventory document and then create a new adjustment.
  • When you successfully release an adjustment on the Adjustments form, the system updates the values of the Final Ext. Variance Cost column in the item line of the physical inventory document and changes the status of the physical inventory document to Completed on the Physical Inventory Review form.

Even if you delete the adjustment, it will not complete the PI count until you do so. 

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Unfortunately, we will just have to sort through all these “zero” adjustment adjustments when evaluating the health of the inventory and inventory related transactions.  Best case would be given an option when completing the PI if you really need/want to generate the adjustment.

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You could create an idea for Acumatica to consider your suggestion. 

The adjustments being made are required for each PI, but a zero item, zero dollar adjustment should be able to be sorted out from other adjustments in an easier manner.  Adjustments are generally thought of negatively, but in this situation, an “adjustment” which adjusts nothing, demonstrates accuracy, and should be noted separately from those which change costs counts (or both). 


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