Question on Endpoints - creating Customer Account with G/L accounts defined

  • 1 June 2023
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Okay so I am working with Celigo to migrate data between legacy ERP systems to Acumatica. 


One task is to create Customer Records in Acumatica, will work on Vendors next. 


With Customers though there are two Topclass endpoints I am looking to use: Customer and BusinessAccount. However, 3 required fields on the Customer Record are AR Account, Sales Account, and Cash Discount Account. I am trying to set them via a webservice call but don’t see these fields available under the default Endpoint and under either Customer or BusinessAccount TopClasses. 

I know we can set them on the Customer Class via the CustomerClass Endpoint but don’t see it under Business Account or Customer.


Any information on what these values are so I can set them using ideally the customer Endpoint? Do I need to duplicate the default Endpoint and then extend Customer?



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@bgrassi, Yes you are right.! You need to Extend the Default endpoint and add can the necessary fields to the extension. For more details on extending the endpoint kindly refer,

Below is a quick demonstration(screenshots) of the steps to extend the endpoint,

  • Extend Default 22.200.001  


  • Select Customer entity and Extend Entity(This will allow you to add more entity and fields to it)




  • Select Customer entity and click Insert, enter the sub entity name and Object Type Linked


  • Select GLAccount entity → Populate → Search GL Account → Select All field → Ok


  • Once the fields are populated, Save the endpoint


Now, you can to a do a GET request and expand GLAccounts to get the fields. Similarly you can PUT values to these fields,

Method: Get

Endpoint URL: <<Instance URL>>/entity/DefaultExt/22.200.001/Customer?$filter=CustomerID eq 'AACUSTOMER'&$expand=GLAccounts

Good Luck.!

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Hi there,

I wrote a blog article on the Acumatica website that can assist with extending endpoints to accomplish what you need here:


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