Is there a way to programatically press the print label action after a shipment is confirmed?

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I’m not sure if this needs a customization or is possible without.  We have carrier labels generated as PDF files and at the moment the user has to click confirm shipment and then print label from the action menu at the top to download the file and then print it.  Alternatively they have to go to packages and click the attachment icon there and then the link in the files to download and print the label.

We would very much like to streamline this process, ideally having it automatically bring up the generated pdf file so the user can just click print.

Is this possible via built in means or does it require a customization?






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Hi, @ppowell  I think it does not requires customization. You can simply configure the Workflow like below with a few steps and the Print Label action will be invoked automatically when the shipment is successfully confirmed.

Here are the steps

  1. Open the Customization Project
  2. On the left side pane, select the screen and click on the Customization Existing Screen and select the Shipments (SO302000) screen
  3. Add a new workflow by inhering the base workflow like below - attached screenshot
  4. Select the Confirmed Status → Actions Tab → Print Labels → set as AutoRun = TRUE




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@Naveen Boga 

I can’t test yet as I have to wait until later to publish customisations but  that looks like it will do what we want.


Thanks so much,



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The label prints automatically but the Shipment state does not change to Confirmed.  Adding automatic printing to the Open state doesn’t see right.

@ppowell I have a suggestions.   The Process Shipments Screen (SO503000) has an action to print labels.  If you scheduled this process to ‘process all’ run every min (the fastest you can schedule) the label should pop up automatically to print.

Additionally if you add Device Hub to the system you could set up this schedule to print to a Device Hub printer and the label would print automatically to the printer with no clicks by the user



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@Naveen Boga Unfortunately when I tested I only had a shipment that had already been confirmed which I had set to not be confined again and the label had been printed before.  When I added to the workflow as detailed it seemed to go into an endless loop of asking if I wanted to reprint the labels or not.  No matter if I clicked Yes or No it just asked again and the shipment never got to being confirmed until I gave up and reloaded the page. I’ll test further when I have a shipment I can test with that hasn’t already been printed but for the moment I’m going to mark it as answered.


Thanks for your help as always,




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