Error when trying to create a copy o Cache

  • 15 August 2022
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Hello Everyone,


I have a method that I am calling them in different graphs. To make this happen I have used Reflection and dynamic parameters. a part of my method require creating a copy of cache. If I copy and paste my code to each grapf it works just fine but this copy part wen is in the generic class raises the below error:

“Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.RuntimeBinderException: 'Member 'PX.Data.PXCache<PX.Objects.EP.EPApproval>.CreateCopy(PX.Objects.EP.EPApproval)' cannot be accessed with an instance reference; qualify it with a type name instead”

I have tried all 4 methods of copy that I new but no luck. Here are the methods I have tried:


//Method 1
EPApproval _approvalNext1 = Base.Approval.Cache.CreateCopy(approvalLast) as EPApproval;

//Method 2
EPApproval _approvalNext2 = Base.Caches[typeof(EPApproval)].CreateCopy(approvalLast) as EPApproval;

//Method 3
EPApproval _approvalNext3 = CallByName(Base.Approval.Cache, "CreateCopy", CallType.Get, approvalLast) as EPApproval;

// Method 4
EPApproval _approvalNext4 = CallByName(Base.Caches[typeof(EPApproval)], "CreateCopy", CallType.Get, approvalLast) as EPApproval;


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I would try

PXCache<EPApproval>.CreateCopy(approvalLast) as EPApproval;


Edit: to add some context to why you are probably getting this error. PXCache is an abstract class with a CreateCopy method that is implemented in the child class PXCache<Node>. In the child class it calls a static CreateCopy method to actually implement the copying. If you are getting that error I suspect for one reason or another that instead of accessing the CreateCopy method via the PXCache class you are somehow referencing the PXCache<Node> static version of the method(most likely due to reflection and such). 

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@markusray17 much appreciated. It works perfectly now. yayyyy :)


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