An item with the same key has already been added - actionAddFiles()

  • 15 February 2023
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Hi everyone,


Does anyone know where the key comes from or is inserted when adding a new file? 



I am trying to include a new file to a new installed instance(I have no customizations), but still the error is shown. Also I checked the profiler and it is not trying to insert anything, just querying a few tables.




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5 replies

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Hi, @jeffersonmacedo  Not sure but sometimes I have also seen this issue for no reason.

Can you please do the below steps and verify?

  • Just un-publish all the packages from the instance (If any are published) and try to add the new file
  • Also, restart the IIS and check once, please
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Thanks @Naveen Boga for your reply but the issue is still happening. I forgot to mention it only happens on Portal sites

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Hi @jeffersonmacedo ,

Can you confirm the version of Acumatica? I found something similar in forum 7244 where it is mentioned that upgraded to 21R2 directly have issue so we need to first install 21R1 and upgrade the same to 21R2



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Hi @sweta68 thanks for your help. 

The error shows in build 21R2, 22R1 and 22R2

Unfortunately this issue happens to all instances, I tried creating new sites too, upgrading and nothing helped. 

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If unpublish all doesn’t help, try suggestions below:


  1. Clean folder TemporaryAspFiles ( as usually located in the same folder, where you’ve installed Acumatica ). Below goes a screenshot:
  1. Clean folder App_RuntimeCode, including removal of folder.runtime file
  2. Unpublish all packages
  3. Clean folders CstDesigner and CstPublished
  4. Delete custom dll from folder bin.



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