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  • 2 June 2021
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We are using 2020R2 and I am trying to edit many of the construction reports to have the project manager as a parameter.  Our previous version 2019R1 had the project table right in the schema, so it was easy.  In this version for example, the Project WIP Reports only has the tables Branch, PMReportProject, and PMWIPTotalBudget.  When I look for the tables in the DAC, they don’t exist.  I assume that they are hard coded somehow, as they are not a view in SQL and I can’t find these 2 of the tables anywhere in acuamtica or the SQL server.  Does anyone know the relations of these tables with regards to the project table so I can add ownerID.



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6 replies

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See if ApproverID has the project manager value.

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None of the tables have approverID or Owner ID.  I can’t find the tables in the schema browser.



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@Heidi Dempsey Can you look into this and help please? Thanks

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Hi @andrew15 !

In this case the fields you’re looking for are not a part of the given tables in the report, so one will need to be added.

I was able to get the Project Manager to show by joining in PMProject table and relate on ContractCD:


Then on the parameters tab make the Project Manager parameter and give it the View name seen so you can call up the Project Managers:



Then on the filters make a condition to follow the parameter and then save the report to the site:

Refresh the report and you’ll see the newly added parameter there:

Run the report:

We see that it shows all Jordan’s projects but does not include the one which is ‘In Planning’:


There may be some additional tweaking needed to accommodate different Project/Construction settings

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@BenjaminCrisman, Thank you so much for responding to @andrew15  and all the screenshots are very helpful.  Sign up for our Customer Live Forum this Friday for Ask the Expert!



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@BenjaminCrisman, thanks for the time and in depth tutorial.  I wasn’t sure of the join and this get me going.


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