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  • 10 July 2024
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In this report if i select the document type as “Credit Memo” and a Ref Nbr related to that and run this report, I want to output a different report(Credit Note Report) that has the same parameters as this. If i select “Invoice” doc type then i want this report(Sales Invoice Report) it self to output. Is that possible to do ? If so then how ?

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Hi @ifelix 

I don’t think you can do that natively. This page is automatically generated for the Report by the Report Engine only to configure parameters for the associated report. It’s not customizable (at least not in an easy way).

However, you can achieve similar functionality by creating your custom screen. We can redirect users to a report by custom buttons, and in that button, you can check the selected Doc Type and redirect to a different report based on that.

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The other option would be to basically create the Credit Memo report inside the invoice report.  You would have duplicate sections in the report with different settings based on the doc type.  So you might have a header section that is visible if Doc Type = CRM for the credit memo and another section if Doc Type <> CRM, and the same with the detail and footer sections.  

Irina’s How to guide here shows how to hide a detail line and the same principle would apply to other sections as well: 



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