Page break after 5 line items

  • 10 May 2024
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Is there anyone can help me to display 5 line items on the first page of the report then sixth or next line item will display on the next page of the report


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7 replies

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The only way I can think about resolving it is making the section size static which could inconsistent results unfortunately

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Have you tried different settings for the report sections around the “Keep Together” and “Page Break” options?

I’m not sure which report you’re using and what the exact requirements and set-up is, but this may help.  As far as I know, there’s no way to specify exactly 5 records, then a page break.  But if you have things that need to be split between different record types or groups, the page break option may help.  Keep Together will try to keep everything from that group section on the same page, if it fits, otherwise the section may be split across multiple pages.


Thank you so much guys I used the keep together behavior and adjust the printing location so the next line item will print on the next page

Hello guys I have a follow-up question can i add the qty of line item if the line item have the same inventory id?


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I’m not sure which report this is from and what tables you have, but if you’ve got multiple line records for the same inventory ID, you should be able to get the quantity value as well (usually from a table like POLine or SOLine or something similar)

It is came from SOShipment line

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Create a variable to count the records at the detail level such as:


Then create a grouping with the following formula: 


Then you could put a page break on the grouping above.



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