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We are having a problem trying to use Create Transfer Orders, in that when we try to process we get an error that CS cannot generate the next number.   This causes two problems.  We have to create the transfer manually,  and the prepare replenshment report wont reccomend a quantity because there is a value “in replanned”


Does anyone have ideas on the cause of the error

Also, does anyone have ideas on how to clear those items “in replanned”


Much appreciate any feedback




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Acumatica is unable to create the next Transfer Number. Please look at the Numbering sequence. Is your numbering set up by branch?  Is there a new branch that has no numbering defined? Has the current branch run out of numbers (Used up to 999999)?

Let us know what you find. If you can post a picture, it’s easier to answer. Thank you.


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Hi Laura


We dont have numbering sub sequences for each branch.  OUrs looks exactly like your.

Perhaps I need to add subsequences for each branch, we have a branch 100, 200, 400 and 500



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Hi @lorneweinstein were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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@lorneweinstein your start number is higher than your last number, this is causing an issue.  Please adjust your last number to 080000 to resolve the issue.  Hope this helps!

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Thanks Robert, I adjusts the last number to 080000 but still get an error that it cannot generate the next number in the sequence.  Do you think it would help to set the start number at 1000 higher?. 

Also, it seems I have a whole ton of inventory in-replanned as a result of this not working and so I dont know if I need to clear that somehow first.


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