Override the submit action on the Project Quote screen to add custom logic

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Hello Everyone,

I want to override the submit action on the Project Quote screen to add custom logic for data validation. However, the Project Quote graph and its extensions do not contain this action code for overriding.

The submit action is defined in the EPApprovalActionExtensionPersistentRequired generic class, which is an approval view in the Project Quote graph.

How can I override this action to add my custom logic?



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@rajeshvemunoori31 I see this in the PMQuoteMaint file with the signature:

    public class PMQuoteApproval
        : EPApprovalActionExtensionPersistent<PMQuote, PMQuote.approved, PMQuote.rejected, PMSetup.quoteApprovalMapID, PMSetup.quoteApprovalNotificationID>
        [PXUIField(DisplayName = PX.Objects.EP.Messages.Submit)]
        [PXButton(Category = Messages.Processing, DisplayOnMainToolbar = true)]
        public override IEnumerable Submit(PXAdapter adapter)

I believe this is what you are hoping to override

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I’m using 22R2(22.211) version and the ‘PMQuoteApproval’ class is not available in this verison. 


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