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  • 20 December 2022
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I want to ask about PXLongOperation.

So I have 2 DataView, 
MasterView (tis view i use to input filter and parameeter)
DetailsView (main view to show the data)

Then I have genearte button to insert the data that I already processed to the DetailsView based on MasterView (parameter view). But the data not saved yet, just inserted to DetailsView.

After that I have code to override persist like this below.

But when this persist completed. The data on the MasterView is gone/blank. What I want is the data stil on MasterView still there, becouse the user will be generate again with the same parameters

So my idea is to set MasterView.Current = dataParam;
but previously the dataParam  is already is set from MasterView.Current

public override void Persist()
                PXLongOperation.StartOperation(this, delegate ()

MasterView.Current = dataParam;
            catch (Exception)


thats why i place MasterView.Current = dataParam; in the end of PXLongOperation

but the MasterView data still gone. Is there any event aveter PXLongOperation to place MasterView.Current = dataParam; ?


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