Revamp Batch Picking Process

  • 16 September 2022
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I think that batch picking needs to be fixed in the WMS. Below are the issues I ran into while trying to implement this. It would be helpful if everyone else adds their issues.


  1. Batch picking by location doesn’t give a quick filter where you can select multiple locations from a list. You can either add it manually, or you could upload an excel sheet, but that takes a minute and is time-consuming
  2. The “known limitation” of not being able to batch pick nonstock kits
    1. Acumatica doesn’t show you what SH has a non-stocked kit and will add those shipments to the batch
    2. Once you run into this issue, there is no real way of fixing it besides removing all items that might be in a kit. Even if you have the same item on a SH not part of a kit
  3. Once a picker scans a picking sheet, there is no way to go back. If someone else wants to pick it instead, or if you want to cancel the picking sheet, it won’t let you
  4. The lack of system messages regarding the process and what you need to do next. i.e. In the case of nonstock kits, it gives a weird error and doesn’t spell it out
  5. The amount of time it takes to print the packing slips for the shipments in the batch is terrible. I timed it once, and it took about 5 minutes. This is not good in a large warehouse where you need things to move fast


If I find more issues, I’ll post it here.


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