Restore Points on Data Migration

  • 19 July 2021
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We are going to upload master data to the Sandbox and we need to maintain restore points before uploading the data.

Ex. We have done Payable preference configuration and need to upload around 1000 suppliers to the system. Before doing this, we need to create a restore point. In cases where an error occurs, we need the ability to restore the system and configured data should not be erased.

1) How does Acumatica support this requirement?

2) Any processes that we should be aware of before migrating data to the instance?

1 reply

Hi @TharidhiP 


This can be accomplished using Acumatica’s Snapshot functionality.  The idea is to take a snapshot of the tenant you are importing the data into right before running your data import.  That way, if you are unsatisfied with the results of the data import, you can restore the snapshot to effectively roll back your tenant to when the snapshot was taken.

If you have various imports that need to be run in addition to the suppliers (ie, chart of accounts, stock/non-stock items, customers etc) you can take a snapshot at each point right before importing each type of data and effectively have a series of checkpoints for the various stages of your data migration.


Overview of snapshots:


Also, make sure to lock out the site before taking your snapshots to avoid data corruption:


Finally, if you are not experienced with snapshots, please note that restoring a snapshot will completely overwrite all data in the tenant the snapshot is restored to.  Always take care when restoring a snapshot.


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