REST API - Connecting CIS API to acumatica to be pulling Data

  • 13 January 2021
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Hi, I have 4 APIs, The first is POST method that posts the credentials to the CIS system and accessToken is generated(the token changes daily) which is used in the GET methods. The rest are GET methods that gets the data and imports into Acumatica. So far my code retrieves the data successful and they are in json format.

How can I import this data into Acumatica?

N/B The integration is permanent, not a one time thing. 

Data is Customer Data, Invoices and Payments.

4 replies

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You can use OpenAPI or SOAP to import date to Acumatica.

If your data is in JSON format. I think OpenAPI is a better choice. 



Integration Guide:

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Hi @dev16 ,

We need to frame the JSON format for each entity to create the customer/payments/invoices in Acumatica. Just FYI..Each entity will have different JSON formats and for more details you can check this link -

Created a DLL file that sent the credentials to the server and got the accesstoken that had been generated. On the same DLL used the token to get the JSON files. 

Used the DLL in my customization where I used SOAP API to import the data.

Thank you so much!!

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@dev16  Great :) Thanks for sharing the update. 


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