PXGridColumn: Wrapped lable destroys layout

  • 9 November 2021
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I have a graph with a form that has two columns with one field each.

One has hiphen in its DisplayName which causes the lable to be wrapped. As you can see the lables take different space, though the LableWith is set equally for both columns.


<px:PXSelector LabelWidth="70" Width="120" runat="server" ID="CstPXTextEdit19" DataField="ShipFrom" ></px:PXSelector>
<px:PXSelector LabelWidth="70" Width="120" runat="server" ID="CstPXTextEdit20" DataField="ShipTo" ></px:PXSelector>


What can I do to get a proper alignment?


Best answer by Naveen Boga 9 November 2021, 19:48

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Hi @mhaps  Have you provided the PXLayoutRule (LablesWidth and Controlsize) for these controls on the .aspx page ?


 <px:PXLayoutRule runat="server" StartColumn="True" LabelsWidth="SM" ControlSize="XM"></px:PXLayoutRule>

<px:PXDropDown ID="edBudgetLevel" runat="server" DataField="BudgetLevel" CommitChanges="True"></px:PXDropDown>
<px:PXDropDown ID="edCostBudgetLevel" runat="server" DataField="CostBudgetLevel" CommitChanges="True"></px:PXDropDown>


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The two fields are in the same column and inside one PXLayoutRule.

ColumnWidth was set, but not LablesWidth or Controlsize. Setting LablesWidth of PXLayoutRule solved the problem.

Thanks @Naveen B !

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Great :) Thanks for sharing an update @mhaps 


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