PR203000 in Extended Webservice - The system failed to commit the EmployeeAttributes row

  • 21 May 2021
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Hello all,

I am experimenting with extending Acumatica’s web service endpoint to exposes objects from the PR module. I have added a Top Level Entity with a PR203000 as the base. In addition to a few attributes on that top level entity, I have added a Detail Entity that maps to the TaxSettings tab on the screen. Specifically, in that detail entity, I have exposed the Description, State, and Value properties of the “Tax Settings” object. I then try and add data using the following PUT request:

"EmployeeID": {
"value": "KLM"

"TaxSettings": [

"State": {
"value": "FED"
"Description": {
"value": "Social Security Number"
"Value": {
"value": "123-45-6789"


However, I receive the following error message:

"message": "An error has occurred.",
"exceptionMessage": "Operation failed",
"exceptionType": "PX.Data.PXInvalidOperationException",
"stackTrace": "..removed for brevity",
"innerException": {
"message": "An error has occurred.",
"exceptionMessage": "The system failed to commit the EmployeeAttributes row.",
"exceptionType": "PX.Data.PXException",
"stackTrace": " at PX.Api.SyImportProcessor.SyStep.CommitChangesInt(Object itemToBypass, PXFilterRow[] targetConditions, PXFilterRow[] filtersForAction, SyImportRowResult importResult)\r\n at PX.Api.SyImportProcessor.SyStep.CommitChanges(Object& itemToBypass, PXFilterRow[] targetConditions, PXFilterRow[] filtersForAction)\r\n at PX.Api.SyImportProcessor.ExportTableHelper.ExportTable()"

Unfortunately, being new to Acumatica development, I do not find this error sufficiently informative to pinpoint the issue. I have examined both the associated Graph and EmployeeAttributes DAC, but could not determine what might be causing the issue. While I realize the above JSON call does not contain all fields required in the DAC, to my understanding, the Graph calls “EmployeeAttributes.SetSettingNameForDescription” to populate these fields so I do not see this being the issue.


I am new to Acumatica, so any pointers as to how to troubleshoot would be much appreciate.


2 replies

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Hello @KellyMarchewa,

More likely that you should set the value without “-” sign. If you try to enter the values on the interface, hyphens appear automatically, acting as a mask for this attribute. Also, if you check on the database level, there are just 9 digits in this field, without any other symbols.

Please let me know if this helped.

@Irina ,


Thanks much for the response, but, unfortunately, I am afraid it is still giving the same error.


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