Can push notifications be sent when certain fields are changed, but not others?

  • 23 September 2021
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The generic inquiry for our push notifications includes several custom fields that are only used by downstream systems. They are not really part of the account data per se. So we want our push notifications to contain these fields, but don't necessarily want changes in these fields to trigger push notifications. Is this possible? Can a generic inquiry or push notification be configured such that a notification is only sent when certain fields are changed, but not others?

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3 replies

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A solution that we came up with for a very similar problem is to use the push notification only to prompt our external system to ask for the data itself via the api.

So, we set up a GI with only the fields we would like to monitor changes on. When that push notification is sent, it triggers a script on the external system that makes an API call to a different GI with the actual information we would like to pass.

I bet that someone else here can come up with a more custom solution using business events or something, but this seemed to be the easiest approach for us and its always better to avoid customizing more than you have to...

Maybe not what you are looking for, but hope that it is helpful. Let me know if I can clarify at all!!



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Hi @dhollinden  Yes that is possible. Push Notification with GI will works like below.

  • Assume Push Notification is configured with MSMQ and the Generic Inquiry (For stock item screen).
  • GI is having few fields like (Desc, Base Price, Last Cost CustomField1, CustomField2)
  • If any of the GI fields are modified then push notification will be triggered and insert the record into the MSMQ.
  • If we wanted to perform any action, then we can have screen, where it will consume this MSMQ queue messages and process the records according to our logic.

NOTE: Always recommended to have simple generic inquiries for the Push Notifications


Hope this helps!!

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xkylewrightx, that’s an interesting idea and we’ll keep it in mind for the future. I could see that being helpful when you need to get a large amount of data that you wouldn’t normally want to add to the GI for the push notification. Thanks. 

Naveen, we’re using the SAAS version of Acumatica, so we aren’t using MSMQ. But thank you for the suggestion nonetheless. 

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