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  • 7 June 2022
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Has anyone used Acumatica for their CRM and have you used the integration with HubSpot?   Is there a lot of set up and configuration for the integration with HubSpot?   Is the integration more than imports and exports between the two?   Thank you!


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@suebrown Sue:  I have not used the Hubspot Inegration but found the page below that says it is a sync and not imports...


Hi @suebrown 
you can also use the Acumatica App in the HubSpot Marketplace. This is quickly set up. However, the integration of the Acumatica feature with the import and export scenarios can also be set up quickly.

Thank you for the responses!

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Not sure if you set this up yet.  I just got done configuring Contacts to integrate from HubSpot to Leads in Acumatica using the HubSpot Enhanced Provider.  

Caution:  It doesn’t work well with Multi-tenants.  We did this in our Testing Tenant first (same instance), then when trying to move it to our Production Tenant it wasn’t working.  Found out that the HubSpot Enhanced Data Provider can only sync with one company and the order of the company in the Tenant List form matters, we had to move our Production company to the first one in this List. 

Hope you got it working but if you have questions, let me know.


We did get the Acumatica App in the HubSpot Marketplace to work and sync’d leads.  Good to know about the enhanced provider though.   Appreciate the info!

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When would one use the Acumatica App in the HubSpot Marketplace VS the Acumatica Enhanced Data Provider?


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I would love to chat with you about the multi-tenant issue you ran into.



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