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  • 24 December 2021
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How to access all API for EDI Integration ?


Best answer by Naveen Boga 24 December 2021, 11:51

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10 replies

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HI @arpitarath01 

please refer to the API integration document AcumaticaERP_IntegrationDevelopmentGuide.pdf

you can see all the endpoint entities on the Webservice endpoint screen(SM207060)


Hi @jinin 

Thank You.

Can you please refer me some documents which will containes only warehouse management API 

s like inventory, Order, Purchase Order, Shipping.


Thanks in Advance

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In the web service endpoint screen, you can find all the entities 

In the request, you need to add the entity name and fetch the data.

Request - Url/entity/Default/20.200.001/StockItem
Method  - GET

Sample Entity

inventory  - StockItem
Order  - SalesOrder
Purchase Order - PurchaseOrder
Shipment - Shipment

Acumatica REST API - Acumatica Developers Blog  - This will help you to add the filter conditions and get details


Hi @jinin 


from where will i get the 20.200.001 IP ?

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Hi @arpitarath01 20.200.001 is the version of the Endpoint and not IP. For example, i the below screenshot that was shared before, the version is 18.200.01. 


Hi @ChandrasekharM 

Thank you 

But where do i get the endpoint.

I actually don’t know much about acumatica API.

Can you please tell me what is shared screen and where do i get that screen ?

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Hi @arpitarath01 Do you have a login to Acumatica instance? Please advise. 

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Hi @arpitarath01 As shown below, in Acumatica, you can search for the screen called “Web Service Endpoints”. 

Step 1:Search for Endpoints. 


Step 2: Clicking on the Web service endpoint link will take you to the below screen.


Step 3: Click on an existing Endpoint like eCpmmerce in the above screenshot. The details of the end point will be shown, as below: 


Id you want to create a new Endpoint for this Acumatica instance, click on “+” in the top section, and you can create a new endpoint as you like.

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Hi @arpitarath01 Kindly note the above screenshots are from my local Acumatica demo instance.

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Hi @arpitarath01  If you want to work with Acumatica API’s, you need have a Acumatica instance. 

Below is the link will help you to setup a Acumatica instance.


Once Acumatica instance is ready, you can work with REST API and below article will help you.


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