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  • 8 March 2021
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Hi, I’ve recently had the need to set an existing contact within an import scenario.  For the mailing recipient for a form on a customer and also the contact on a Service Order.  I thought I had accomplished this before using the assigned contact ID field from the contact table in the import scenario (not the actual contact name) but in both these cases, I keep getting a contact not found message in my import scenario when using the corresponding contact ID.  Any ideas on what I’m missing?  Is the contact ID still the correct value to use?  Thanks,


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6 replies

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Has anyone done a lookup with lot/serial numbers? I get the lookup portion but I don’t have a column (value) for the lot/serial number in my export file. It is an Amazon order export from Amazon’s software which does track or record lot/serial numbers. Below is my scenario.



Thanks Greg, I did get it working tonight using the display name for the contact.  The contact selector in service orders actually calls that Contact (not display name), at least on my system. So I changed the Field/Action name as below and changed my contact ID field to be the display name and the import scenario did not complain and linked that contact on the resulting service order.  Thanks for your help.  I like using the name better since my thought if I used the internal contact id assigned by acumatica, I would have to link that to the spreadsheet supplied by the customer (probably via some vlookup in excel) since that number obviously wouldn’t be on the spreadsheet of open service orders generated on the customers legacy system.  But the contact name is, so I can just use that.   

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If you want to add Contact ID to the Selector follow the steps I outlined here. 


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The issue is you are using a lookup (Contact ID) that is not attached as a selector of the Service Order Contact.  If you were adding by one of the fields I have highlighted in Yellow you will be fine. See the screenshots below.  You are trying to use the field in Red

These are the only fields you can choose with out customizing the selector.
These are your choices in the Import because they are the selector fields of Contact.


thanks for getting back to me.  I’m attaching a few screen shots.  The contact is already setup, I’m just trying to assign it to the contact field on the Service Order. I’m attaching some screenshots showing the contact and my import scenario and data best I can.  I’m trying to use the contactID field from the contact table, but it’s not liking it. If there is anything else you want to see, let me know. Thanks.

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Hello @rskieresz79, could you please provide the screenshot of the scenario mapping?

Also, make sure that on the Data Provider, ContactID is marked as the key field.


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