Import Scenario updating AP Bill 1099 Boxes

  • 11 January 2022
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Went live with Acumatica this year.  Unfortunately default 1099 box for many vendors was set up incorrectly and there are now 4000 AP Bill lines that need to be updated.  This is a SaaS environment so don’t have direct access to database.  If I knew the correct tables to update (APTran, others) I could write a SQL update customization to update to correct 1099 box.  Second option that I’ve been struggling with is an Import Scenario to update the AP lines.  It seemed this should be easy.  Pass the AP Type, Ref Nbr and then the Line Nbr and update the box to ‘7’.  It seems to only work on lines that are line nbr 1.  But even single line AP Bills don’t always have line number 1.  Might have single line AP Bill and the line nbr is 4.  Doesn’t update in that case.  Am I missing something obvious?




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6 replies

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@vkumar  - your suggestion worked.  I remember using the @@ row before for other things but had forgotten.  When I was trying to figure this out I looked at I100 Integration Scenarios training and there was section “Updating Detail Lines by Line Number” that did not have this.  However the next section “Updating Detail Lines by Custom Key” had this @@ which I didn’t think was necessary when I was passing the Line Nbr.  Regardless, it works as needed now.  Many thanks!!!

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Hello @vkumar 

I did not have the @@LineNbr row in my scenario.  I did have the <Line Number> row with -1 but knew that shouldn’t be active.   I will try your other suggestion,

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Hi @Naveen B  - Yes in the Excel file I’m using as the source has the APTran.LineNbr for each line I want to update.  The import scenario is basically what I show above but I’ve also attached.  What I witnessed yesterday is now fuzzy but today consistently it is ONLY updating the first line on the AP Bill.

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Hi @kyoung14 

Make changes to your import scenario to include the line Number in following format.  Since you are trying to update an existing APTran line, you should not use -1 for Line Number. That tries to insert new line. 

I dont have an XML for above scenario, but above mapping should work. 



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Hi @kyoung14  Hope you are trying to update the APTran line by using line number.

Can you please attach your import scenario here

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Not sure if a change I made in my import scenario or just the sampling of data I used yesterday, etc., but tried a larger sample set today and consistently getting a different result.  Now, regardless of what Line Nbr the first line in the grid has in APTran, it is updating that first line but if there are additional lines in that AP Bill to be updated it is not updating those.  Maybe a clue?


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