How to get the financial period name in an ARM Report

  • 10 November 2021
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A client was using the formula MonthName(@MonthStart,-1) in a column heading.  Obviously this use the current date and does not allow the specification of a starting period.  Using Report.FormatPeriod(@StartPeriod,-1) gets the period as 10-2021, 09-2021, etc.  Is there another formula that would return the description of the period as Oct 2021, Sep 2021 etc?


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5 replies

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=Format( '{0: MMM yyyy}', DateAdd( Report.GetPeriodEndDate(@StartPeriod), 'm', 0))

=Format( '{0: MMM yyyy}', DateAdd( Report.GetPeriodEndDate(@StartPeriod), 'm', -1))

=Format( '{0: MMM yyyy}', DateAdd( Report.GetPeriodEndDate(@StartPeriod), 'm', -2))

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THANK YOU for this example.  Wish the in-app documentation had more examples like this.

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Thanks, should have more examples like this is help, manuals, and training courses.

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It does not support the shift option like =Report.FormatPeriod(@StartPeriod,-4)


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