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  • 16 October 2020
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We can see profitability for projects and for appointments but there is no way to see profitability by Service Order. I heard this may be coming in 2021R1. Can this be confirmed?


Best answer by Anacarina Calvo 22 October 2020, 20:56

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7 replies

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Service order profitability is tentatively scheduled for 2021R2

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Hi @purwandaruw47 
Yes, it will show Materials, Expense Receipts and AP Bills associated, as well as Labor spent on the appointments

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Hi @acheesman 
The profitability for labor is taken based on what is registered on the Log tab. Make sure that on the Log tab, the Labor Item ID column is set, and on the Labor Rates (PM209900) form, the Labor Item is defined for the employee. The system calculates the labor cost for a staff member for an appointment only if the Employee or Labor Item labor rate type and the Hourly type of employment are assigned to the staff member on the Labor Rates form.

Keep in mind that labor only adds Cost to the appointment, so on the profitability tab, the line will not show Unit Price, or Billable Amount, therefor, Profit and Profit (%) will be negative. You can see overall profit analysis on the Totals tab of the appointment form (or on the header on versions 2022R1 or earlier). 
Let me know if this answers your question. 

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Thank you Anacarina, 

I did end up seeing the Totals tab and that does definitely help show an analysis of the Profit and Profit%. That does help, but still confusing as to why if the labor is billable, why those values don’t get populate and reflect on the profitability tab. Again, this is interesting that when we budget for labor before we log the time, we don’t see price/cost, but when the activity is logged, then it shows as a line item, but the billable amount is 0, therefore the profit columns are negative. Just want this to be as intuitive as possible for customers who use this to make business decisions on how and what work should be done on service orders. 


Would it be possible to do a session with you for a few so we can run through the scenario and make sure we have run through the processes properly? Feel free to email me at Thinking 15-30 min tops. 

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If the labor is billable you would need to add a service and register time against the service. The Price will come from the Service and the cost will come from the labor associated. 
I will send you an email to coordinate a meeting and explain any questions

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Hi @dalesimmerly87 

Is this functionality will calculate all materials and services expenses related to Service Order?



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I have a question about this. How does the profitability tab on an appointment show the profitability for labor? We have tried to enter labor activities etc, and it is not calculating into the gross margin or profitability. Would love to hear some solutions people have for that. 


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