Workwave for in-house truck routing

  • 6 July 2022
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This has been asked before: 


I thought I’d start a new thread since that one is pretty old.

Is anyone using WorkWave to schedule deliveries using a fleet of in-house vehicles? If so, how is it going?

8 replies

Hi - I would also like to know about this. We just signed up for Acumatica and have been using WorkWave Route Manager for years. I understand that there is an integration, but would love to hear who is using it and how. We also use Shopify for retail and ecommerce so this would be orders flowing through that integration with Acumatica and then into WorkWave conceivably. 

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Here is a link describing the WorkWave Route Manager Integraton in Acumatica.  On this page, there is also a demo video provided


Hi @Dana Moffat Thanks, but it looks like I can’t access that page? Is that something you can enable for me?



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cc @Chris Hackett, the Community Manager

@Dana Moffat @Chris Hackett Oh, I figured it out. I had to create a different account with my work email. I was using my gmail. Thanks!

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Hi @lawsont -

I have done quite a bit of work with Workwave and the Acumatica integration at this point. Workwave becomes a “Carrier” in Acumatica, and you then can use that carrier to route all your local truck deliveries using Workwave. The integration is pretty cool….once you complete a delivery and sign for it, the status in Acumatica shows the delivery with the signature and pictures attached.

There are some things I wish it did differently, but for the most part it’s pretty solid as an early stage integration, and I think there is opportunity for it to get better over time.

I ran into a few setup issues, some of which were caused by some bugs in the integration. I have posted about those before and Acumatica released an updated version, so it’s possible those issues have been patched now.

Anyway, I have experience setting this up end-to-end and running it (Workwave gave me a test account to play with….but it sounds like you are already a customer so you may not need that).

Happy to help out if you have any questions.


@rosenjon Thanks for that explanation! It did seem pretty cool from that documentation I read. Have you had experience with retail running on Shopify and then orders flowing into Acumatica and then into Shopify with the fulfillment status or other information like delivery date making it back into Shopify? We’re going to try out having the customer select their preferred delivery date in Shopify which is stored as an Order Note Attribute in Shopify. I’m hoping that can make into an Acumatica custom field on the Sales Order and then into the Eligibility date(s) of WorkWave. 

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@lawsont We don’t use Shopify, so I haven’t tried to do that. However, I am a programmer, and I have looked under the hood of the Workwave integration, as well as at the API. So it is definitely possible to do, but if would probably require some programming. I know that Shopify has a very robust API.

If you aren’t into custom programming, it could probably be end user driven with a tool like If This, Then That: IFTTT - Connect Your Apps

Another tool that could facilitate this is Pipedream (, but that is more of a tool for programmers as well.

Anyway, bottom line is it’s doable, but probably not out of the box.



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