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  • 13 June 2022
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I have added text to various places on stock items and none of them seem to print on POs.

I’ve checked preferences for settings and did not find anything.

Do I have to modify the PO report to include things like notes or description from the description tab?

I want to make sure I am just not missing something before I start modifying the PO form.



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7 replies

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Yes, if you want additional fields to print on PO’s, such as Notes, and these fields are not already included in the standard printed PO form, then you will need to add them to the PO report.

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So just to confirm, there are no stock item text fields that print on PO’s without a customization to the form?

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Hi, I’m sorry, I’m confused by your question.  Do you mean text field versus a float (numeric figures) field, versus a date-type field?  Most fields on the PO are technically text fields.

By default, Attributes do not appear on the PO and user-defined fields do not appear on the PO. If you tell me what field you’re looking for, I can confirm whether it’s on the PO by default. Thanks.

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I’m sorry, I am probably not explaining this well.

I know I can add fields to the PO form by editing the report.

I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a field that already prints on the PO that I missed.

Or possible a check box setting somewhere that says “print stock item notes on POs”.

It seems there is nothing like this and I need to edit the PO.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!

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Hi @ltussing03 - were you able to find a solution for your issue? Thank you!

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Line Notes appear on the standard PO report underneath the line details:


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I was trying to solve the same issue.  


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