Prepayment/Payment Applied to Sales Order and Customer's Terms includes a % discount when they pay within the terms, the Cash Discount does not get applied to the Invoice

  • 22 April 2022
  • 3 replies


I ran into an issue that the Cash Discount does not automatically apply to an SO Invoice nor to AR Invoice if a prepayment or payment is applied to Sales Orders. We don’t have an issue with customer’s terms and cash discounts when applying a payment “on time”- Cash Discount is calculated and applied, AR Invoice is closed, everything OK there. 

Example # 1- non issue:

I can either start a new Payment and Application transaction or pay from Invoice itself.  Payment from client is taking the discount, it falls within the days where they get a discount. Acumatica comes up in Cash Discount Taken column calculating the amount correctly. I release payment, it closes AR Invoice. we are done. 


Example #2- ISSUE

In this case I have a Sales Order that I have applied a prepayment for the amount minus 2% discount to the order. The Customer’s terms is 2% Discount Prepay- which means if they prepay, they will get 2% discount at time of invoicing.

Customer has a $6000.00 prepayment

Sales Order for $1521.00

Prepayment Applied in Payments Tab is for $1490.58



The prepayment Amount has been satisfied:



When I create shipment and then my SO Invoice, I get my Cash Discount Amount correctly on the invoice:




After releasing my SO Invoice, and I go to my AR Invoice- it still shows OPEN, with a balance of $30.42, which is the 2% Cash Discount. I can see my application, but not my Cash Discount Taken like in the example above.



I tried a few times, trying to get to the Cash Discount Taken before reaching the end, no luck. I also tried checking and unchecking different Customer, Terms and Preferences setup, no luck.

Am I missing something in the process? 


I’ll appreciate any kind of guidance, workaround and help on this matter. 

Acumatica version is 2021R1 (B 21.106.0024)


Thank you



3 replies

Hi, @dwijebandara26 

Tried it both ways, tick and no tick. Still same result. 

Thank you


Check on Customer financial tab Auto-Apply Payment tick or not.



***UPDATE*** I opened Case #239825 back in May 9th 2022. It was then escalated to L2- pending resolution as of 7/26/22


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