Landed Cost Transaction updates Stock Item with $0 adjustment

  • 1 August 2022
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I’m configuring Landed Cost in Acumatica for the first time. (version 2022 R1)The process seems clear but the end result is $0 adjustment to my item.  What am I missing?

My example is applying insurance costs weighted by Cost Amount across 3 items on a PO Receipt.

Purchase Order (notice, 2 non-stock items on lines 1, 3 and one Stock Item is on line 2):

PO Receipt: All Items Received.

Landed Cost:

What I expect on Valuation:  Receipt line $13.30 and Adjustment line $13.30.

What I see on Valuation: Receipt line $13.30 and LC adjustment line = $0.

What mistake did I make?   Thank you in advance for your help!!


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HI @laura01 

What is your allocation method on the Landed Cost code? This may need to be changed. 

Also, here is a very good article on Landed Cost processing:

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HI @laura01  

You may need to look at the item costing. Are you trying to add the Landed Cost to the items?

If so, here is help on that:

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Thank you @kbeatty21:   I think you have led me to the answer: my testing item is set up as STANDARD cost and I likely need a layered costing method, in order to update the cost.  (Doh!)  Will try this  tomorrow.

Thank you @dales50: the landed cost adjustment batches are definitely released.

I have the PO preferences set to release automatically:

The adjustments batch I highlighted on the Valuation report  in the very first screen shot, # 000006, is the actual released Landed Cost adjustments batch. In the adjustments screen, it looks like this:

The cost is correct in the IN adjustments batch and yet, not updating the stock item’s value. (The other two items are non-stock so I wouldn’t expect any cost to update for them.)

Because…. it’s a standard cost item.  😐

@laura01 I do not see that the Landed Cost document has been released in the screens above.  To see the adjustment you need to release.



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Allocation method is by Cost. Can you explain in what circumstances, how will I know whether I need to change this?  Insurance will be higher on more costly items and that is why I chose cost in this case.


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