Creating Matrix Item from existing Items

  • 13 April 2021
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is it possible to take existing item codes and add attributes.  E.g. An existing Inventory item = W-01.  I want to use the Matrix Items to add combinations of this item.  So …. W-01-BLK-2.8;  W-01-RED-2.8 etc…

Can I do this?   I have tried to add the Inventory item as an attribute but had no luck.  I don’t want to have to manually enter 200 templates with the Inventory ID.


Any help appreciated.



6 replies

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It looks like Matrix item can only applied to new items.  I did not find a way to make existing item to Matrix item. But I think some experts might know a way to do it.
subscribed and wait for the solution.

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thanks Ray.  

I’m knew to this community so just want to know what “subscribed and wait for the solution” mean.  Does this mean you have on sent the issue to someone?

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“subscribed and wait for the solution” just means that I’ve followed your post/question, and if someone can give a solution here, I can also be aware of.

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cool. thanks

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Did you try submitting an Acumatica Support Ticket? There is a Matrix Import Scenario package that Acumatica can provide. It allows you to add Template Items to existing Stock & Non-Stock Items. It also allows you to use an import scenario to add many Template & Matrix items in more of a bulk upload process.

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This will solve your issue, I believe: 



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