Advanced Item substitutions and up-sell/cross sell capabilities

  • 23 July 2020
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Acumatica is working on expanding this area of the product and we are looking for customers whom are interested in working with us and piloting such functionality in their environment.  The goal is to include advanced capabilities that go well beyond simple predefined set of substitutions and upsell/cross sell possibilities for a given item.  We are looking to incorporate smart substitutions based on substitution history, cost considerations, inventory levels, user selections in prior order entry/checkout sessions, using ML technologies.

If you are interested, please post here and one of our team members will get in touch with you to discuss this further.

9 replies

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We have a customer which is interested.

You can reach me at


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We are interested in working with Acumatica on Smart Substitutions, Up-Sale, and Cross-Sell features.  Please contact us.  Alaska Indoor Sports Distributing.  Doug McBride. 802-226-7142.  

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We have a solution already available Upsell and Alternate items.

If this is something that you would like to see please reach out to Gary at Biz-Tech Services. 

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Hi @Ali Jani 

Will the Acumatica solution work for eCommerce (sync to ecomm site) and directly through the Sales Order screen?  Will the Acumatica solution provide automatic substitutions based on configured criteria or will users need to make a selection?

Example:  Item A arrives in the Sales Order screen via EDI or eCommerce site and is out of stock.  Substitution for Item A is configured to fill with Item B until out then Item C until out, etc.  

Thank you.

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This past week we had fantastic conversations with customers who can benefit from this feature. Both provided a detailed description of their sales processesand helped us shape the future of the solution. 

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Nice use of ML technologies.


I built a Related products engine on our website using Attributes where products of different item classes with the same attributes and values were related to each other.

But have not had this put in to MYOB ( Acumatica) so utilising this when talking about different inventory to offer customers with suggested alternate's would be amazing.  


We would be interested to assist as we frequently do upselling and substitutions in our engineering spare parts industry


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My company is interested in smart substitution.

For item A. It has subitem S1 and S2 for different customers. 

The customer allowed we send A.S2 to them if  S1 is out of stock.

Substitution/up sell is really need for most company.


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I am interested in smart substitutions. We would like to replicate what our current system does today:

The item can be assigned to another item as either a “regular” sub or a “mandatory” sub or a sub based on qty available for the original sub.


A regular sub:

  • works the same as the way acumatica does for non-required subs. The salesperson has the option to accept the sub or not. 
    Also, the salesperson has the option to accept the price of the sub or to apply the price of the original item

Always sub an item, whether we have qty available of the original item or not <= We call this mandatory sub

  • In this scenario, the system will always sub the item, without human intervention, regardless of whether we have qty available of the original item or not. In this setup, we also want to specify what price we should use, either the price of the original item or the price of the sub

Send the qty available of the original item and then the sub if we still haven’t fulfilled the order. <= We call this mandatory sub

  • In this scenario, the system will always allocate whatever qty available we have of the original item to the first order we process into a shipment and then, fulfill the rest with the sub, we also want to specify what price we should use, either the price of the original item or the price of the sub

Thanks for your consideration. Please let me know if you have questions

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Hello @olieves ,

Thank you for replying to this post.  I’m providing the link to the new idea that you had created for Automating Substitutions here, so that those reading this post can have this link, and easily navigate to, support and vote for your idea as well as add their thoughts to the discussion thread.



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