Managing the publishing of customization projects

  • 24 January 2023
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Hello everyone. We use the cloud version of Acumatica. We have a VAR and also work with MaxQ, and they both provide custom solutions in the form of customization projects. We also have two internal teams that create customization projects for managing our systems integrations with Acumatica.

So, we have multiple sources of customization projects and a fairly frequent need to publish them. When we publish, we need to disable our systems integrations and schedule an Acumatica lockout so that users are out of the system and don’t lose their work when the website restarts. This means that we’re either locking out users during business hours, or frequently working outside of business hours to publish.

Is there any alternative to this? How do other folks manage their need to publish customization projects?



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3 replies

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@dhollinden I think others manage it more or less the same way. 

I do not see any other way, to be honest. 

If you allow me the following analogy: you cannot reassemble a plane with the passengers (users) on board. 

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Thank you @Dmitrii Naumov. That’s more or less what I expected. 

However, my team manages other applications that allow us to add and update plugins without any downtime. And there are strategies for other types of applications where changes are deployed to a new instance and which is then seamlessly swapped with the older instance. So my question was really about finding out if there are any alternate approaches to the lockout/publish approach. 


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@dhollinden I see. 

Unfortunately, with the way application is designed it’s not really possible at the moment. 

As for swapping a new instance with an old instance without downtime, you can kind of do this with ‘Cluster environment’ feature where you have multiple Acumatica instances running with load balancer. But this is probably only for Enterprise level customers.



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