Locate custom action (button) on SO line item grid

  • 4 January 2022
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I have followed these instructions to move a custom action to the detail grid of sales order screen.  It works in dev (localhost) but when I import package and publish to client production the button still shows on  top toolbar.  Not sure why.

If I compare the screen editor:

In dev my action shows up under: 

DataSource: SOOrderEntry/Other

In production after importing package it shows up under:

DataSource: SOOrderEntry/Toolbar/Form-Specific 

and is missing the properties I set and does not show up on Tab/Details/Grid: Transactions/ActionBar-Customizations node

Is this a bug?  2021R1 build 21.108.0032


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8 replies

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Hi @rjean09 

Did u add the callback command on the Aspx ?


 <px:PXDSCallbackCommand Name="ActionName" Visible="false"  DependOnGrid="gridName"  />


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I assume you mean just the SO301000.aspx code, not the .cs file on disk? if I edit ASPX in customization editor I see this in both dev and production:

<px:PXDSCallbackCommand DependOnGrid="grid" Visible="false" CommitChanges="true" Name="CopyLastRow" ></px:PXDSCallbackCommand>

However, what I do NOT see in production that is in the dev code is the PXToolbarButton control within the Details PXTabItem:

 <px:PXToolBarButton Text="Copy Current Row">
<AutoCallBack Command="CopyLastRow" Target="ds">
<Behavior CommitChanges="True" ></Behavior>

So not sure why this didn’t make the trip in the export/import/publish.

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 Hi @rjean09  Hope you done the below steps.

  • Toolbar button should be added for the specific button at the Grid level in the Customization package.
  •  Make sure Callback command should be Visible =false  <px:PXDSCallbackCommand Name="ActionName" Visible="False"  />



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Hi @rjean09  Yes, it should be on .aspx page but NOT on the .aspx.cs file.

Since Toolbar button is missed, hence it is not showing on the Production instance.


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Yes @rjean09 . I meant the aspx page. 

Did you try to add the PXToolbarButton code in the customization package using the Edit Aspx option?


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Right, nothing was missed as far as I can tell.  All there in dev and working.  After export, import to production and publish the toolbar button is not there.

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Hi @rjean09  Can you please share the customization by removing all other files by keeping only SOOrder screen. That will help us to review and let you if you miss anything.

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Update: It appears the problem was due to I had made customizations to the SO301000.aspx file on disk earlier when trying to change the button location.  Then later I found instructions on how to do this inside the screen editor.  Apparently, having it in both places is what caused the export/import/publish to somehow lose part of the change.  I reverted the changes to the SO301000.aspx file, republished to target instance and now the button is located above the grid just like in my dev instance.


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