Cannot preview customized screen even if I delete it and start from a clean copy

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I am posting this in case anyone ever has the same issue, they will know how to fix it.

I have a customized version of AP301000 in R2020R2 Build 20.207.0012.  The page publishes and works fine.

In the project editor, on my custom field, I entered a LabelWidth with a value of “M”.  This caused the page to error.  I unticked the checkbox on the LabelWidth propery.  The value [RESET] was automatically filled into the value field.  I saved the change and tried to preview and I got this error


Steps to try to get rid of the error:

  1. unpublished all
  2. deleted the screen from the customization
  3. published the project
  4. restarted the application
  5. cleared cookies from the browser
  6. added the screen back into the project with no changes.
  7. clicked preview changes and I still get the error.

I tried this in a different browser, same thing occurs.

I also verified that after deleting and unpublishing, in the project editor, there was NO reference to AP301000 anywhere.  I checked this by going to File - Edit Project XML and by going to File - Edit Project Items.






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I fixed the issue.  After unpublishing the project, I looked in the CstDesigner folder in the root of the web site.  These two files were still in that folder.

I deleted them.  Re-added the AP301000 screen, added my custom field and was able to Preview Changes.


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Sometimes the customized screens get orphaned in the CstDesigner folder.

I would look in there and see if you see your screen file and delete it by hand.

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@Shawn Burt  Yup.  That’s what I finally figured out.  I posted the topic with the intention of providing my own solution just in case this happens to someone else.  Hopefully it does! (not hoping someone has this problem...just that if they search on it, they might find this post).


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For sure.

It has happened to me many times and it was fun to find. This post will help many I am sure.

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Thank you for sharing your solution @joe21 !


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