2022 r1 Upgrade Broke AP Payment Customization

  • 2 August 2022
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I developed a customization that works properly in the 2021 version of Acumatica, but on testing an upgrade to 2022 r1 in a sandbox environment, the customization is now breaking.

I am creating AP Payments and everything works except for the Payment Amount (CuryOrigDocAmt). If I put the document on hold and assign this amount to $0, the payment imports. If I assign this field any other amount, the payment errors out without hardly any information. Everything else works on the customization, just this one field is causing issues.

I’ve tried setting the document to zero and then enabling the AP setting to update docs amounts automatically, but that errors out too. I’ve also tried passing with and without adjustment application lines, works with $0 on the CuryOrigDocAmt and it works, anything over $0 errors out.

Anyone have any ideas of what might have changed to make this stop working?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello, Can you provide details of the error and name/number of screen in which payment is being created? Release notes for 2022 R1 list many, many changes to different Payment screens and processes. 2022 R1 Developer release notes do not mention CuryOrigDocAmt .

Hi, this is happening on the Checks and Payments (AP302000) screen. I also saw this field wasn’t mentioned in the release notes. Part of the problem is that I’m not being fed any errors at all, it just doesn’t work. It’s possible I may need to tap into some additional backend error handling to see what they are actually erroring out on, but I’m being fed nothing with the current feedback they are giving me.

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If there is nothing in the trace… hopefully a developer will come along and give you more ideas. Good luck!

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@porter94 you could export this project to an extension library and run it with the debugger attached in Visual Studio. This is more advanced developer stuff, but that might show you exactly where the customization is breaking in the code.

Also, maybe you can expand on exactly what the customization you created does?

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Hi @porter94  - were you ever able to find a solution? Thank you!

@Chris Hackett Thank you for following up, I had forgotten I made this thread. I did end up finding the issue. The problem was that in the upgrade to 2022 R1, the underlying AP tran transaction that was created when an AP invoice is saved with a document amount was not allowing a datetime data type, but was expecting only date. The previous version allowed datetime, 2022 R1 was crashing out when passed one. It was a few levels deep on the validation which is why we weren’t initially seeing any info.


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