Unable to Login: The type initializer for 'PX.Data.PXCache' threw an exception.

  • 11 February 2021
  • 3 replies

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Hello Everyone,

We are unable to login to Acumatica instance due to this error: The type initializer for 'PX.Data.PXCache' threw an exception.

Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advanse.




3 replies

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It could be due to customization.  I would clear out the customizations and check.

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@nmansinha is right… 

Nayan, I have a suggestion, since such issues can be problematic to debug. it would be nice if Acumatica had some sort of safe mode to at least let us recover (for cases when we don’t have RDP access to the machine), and at the very least the ability to see a full stack trace. We’re in a catch-22 situation here - you can’t login because of the error, and you don’t have access to Help->Trace because of that.

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Hi, @nmansinha Understood that it is occurred due to the customization.

Since many packages published in the instance, we are NOT sure which is package/customization is causing this issue. 

It would be better if we get Trace Error messages as suggestedd by @Gabriel Michaud 


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