Report Generation Issue in Sandbox

  • 8 September 2021
  • 5 replies

I have customized the Sales Order Report (so641010.rpx) in my dev instance and report generation occurs as expected.

When I export the customization project to the sandbox instance, add the necessary information in the Sales Order Screen and run the report I get the report with no data. If anyone could suggest why this happens it would be great.

5 replies

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Did you join to a custom table?  Did you add any additional filtering to the report?

@ddunn  I added four additional joins to fulfill requirements but no filtering.


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I would start there with figuring out why the report isn’t showing you any data.  Try turning equal joins to left joins and so on.

@ddunn thanks for the response, I have inner joins to show inventory item’s image and showing that requires inner joins according to the S150 report designer documentation.

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I would be tempted to make that join a left join so that the image record is not required to be there.  With an inner join, if the item doesn’t have an image associated with it, then the detail line won’t appear in the result set either.


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