Pagination: Records NOT fetching properly in Custom Inquiry screen

  • 12 January 2021
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Hello Everyone,

I have created a custom inquiry screen with pagination, which will load the POReceipts by applying a few conditions.

After applying the pagination code records are loaded very fast and working as expected expect the below scenario.

Issue details.
When I filter a grid column, it is filtering and showing only the current page records but the filter is NOT applying to all the records. Could you please help me with this?

Ex: If I have total of 900 records and per page, if it is showing only 25 records. 
When I apply a filter to the grid column, it is filtering by taking only 25 records but NOT 900. 

When I debug, PXView.MaximumRows is taking 25 records and filtering them.

Sample Pagination Code:

public PXFilteredProcessing<Customer,
Where<Customer.bAccountID, Equal<Current<FilterDAC.customerID>>, Or<Current<FilterDAC.customerID>, IsNull>>> Records;
public IEnumerable records()
PXSelectBase<Customer> cmd = new PXSelectJoinGroupBy<Customer,
InnerJoin<ARInvoice, On<ARInvoice.customerID, Equal<Customer.bAccountID>>>,
Where2<Where<Customer.bAccountID, Equal<Current<FilterDAC.customerID>>, Or<Current<FilterDAC.customerID>, IsNull>>,
And<ARInvoice.docDate, Equal<Current<FilterDAC.invoiceDate>>>>,
int startRow = PXView.StartRow;
int totalRows = 0;
foreach (PXResult<Customer, ARInvoice> row in cmd.View.Select(new[] { Filter.Current }, null, PXView.Searches,
PXView.SortColumns, PXView.Descendings, PXView.Filters, ref startRow, PXView.MaximumRows, ref totalRows))
Customer cust = (Customer)row;
var existingRow = (Customer)Records.Cache.Locate(cust);
yield return existingRow ?? (Customer)row;
PXView.StartRow = 0;

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