How to pass joined tables into static process delegate

  • 26 May 2021
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I have a working processing UI that I want to use to create individual PDFs (from a report) and save to disk.  At the end of the process I want to show the same report (all together) in preview with the same records used to create the individual PDFs.  I have a working report but am struggling with how to get the joined tables in my PXReportResultSet since my delegate only gets the main table passed in as List.

I’m sure I could BQL query these somehow or run a full BQL query again by passing in the filter (based on the referenced technique) but not sure if there is a better way to just grab these from the results already retrieved for the UI.


Here is my code:

        public APStaleDateLettersProcess()

public PXCancel<APStaleDatedCheckFilter> Cancel;
public PXFilter<APStaleDatedCheckFilter> Filter;

public PXFilteredProcessingJoin<APQuickCheck, APStaleDatedCheckFilter,
InnerJoin<APContact, On<APContact.contactID, Equal<APQuickCheck.remitContactID>>,
InnerJoin<APAddress, On<APAddress.addressID, Equal<APQuickCheck.remitAddressID>>>>,
Where<APRegisterExt.usrStaleDatedOn, Between<Current<APStaleDatedCheckFilter.startDate>, Current<APStaleDatedCheckFilter.endDate>>,
And<Where<APQuickCheck.released, Equal<True>,
And<APQuickCheck.status, Equal<APDocStatus.closed>,
And<Where<APQuickCheck.docType, Equal<APDocType.quickCheck>,
And<APRegisterExt.usrStaleDated, Equal<True>>>>>>>>> DetailsView;

public static void Process(List<APQuickCheck> payments)
// the result set to run the report on
PXReportResultset quickChecks =
new PXReportResultset(typeof(APQuickCheck), typeof(APContact), typeof(APAddress));

foreach (APQuickCheck quickCheck in payments)
// create individual PDF files

// just get each object individually using keys from quickCheck??
// APContact contact = PXSelect<APContact, Where<APContact.contactID, Equal<quickCheck.remitContactID>>>.Select();

// How to get data from joined tables when all I have is APQuickCheck??????
PXResult<APQuickCheck, APContact, APAddress> result = new PXResult<APQuickCheck, APContact, APAddress>(quickCheck, new APContact(), new APAddress());
if (quickChecks.GetRowCount() > 0)
throw new PXReportRequiredException(quickChecks, "AP670000", PXBaseRedirectException.WindowMode.NewWindow, "Stale Dated Letters");


1 reply

I wound up creating a public method on a graph instance that I call from my static delegate so I could use the @P.AsString using refNbr of quickCheck to get a PXResult for each row with all the tables joined in that BQL.  Works well so far.  Just could not see a way to do any type of dynamic BQL without being in an graph instance method.


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