How to hide/show toolbar button within selected state in a workflow

  • 9 November 2021
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In Acumatica 2021r2, is it possible to hide/show Action buttons in the main toolbar based on conditions within the selected state? (I’m willing to use the Workflow Editor or by custom code, if that is possible.)

Example scenario for Shipment Entry screen (SO302000):

When the active state is Confirmed, I want to duplicate the Print Labels action as a button in the main toolbar, but only if labels haven't already been printed. The labelsPrinted boolean in the SOShipment DAC can be used for the conditional. But it does not appear that you can associate a conditional with the Duplicate on Toolbar checkbox.

I still need to retain Print Labels as an option in the More (...) menu regardless of the labelsPrinted boolean within the same Confirmed state. It's possible labels need to be reprinted, but I don't want to give the action the same prominence in the toolbar if they have already been printed once.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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Hi @brothe58  You wanted to allow the user to Print the Labels multiple times (without asking a warning message i.e. Labels can be used only once. Are you sure you want to reprint labels?).

I don’t think we can achieve using workflow, (As per the subject of this ticket we can enable/disable the actions from buttons) but we cannot the change functionality of default Acumatica behavior i.e (Allowing user to print the labels multiple time without asking a warning message by NOT updating the flag)


According to me, this functionality requires a customization.


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Sorry for the confusion. It’s okay to have the warning message for reprints. I like this feature.

I would like to hide/show the Print Labels button in the toolbar based on a conditional. Think of it this way...

If the labels haven't yet been printed, show the button in the top toolbar. If the labels have already been printed, show the Print Labels action only in the More (...) menu and hide it from the top toolbar. Our warehouse has 10 packing stations and I'm trying to streamline the workflow for our packers.

See attached screenshot.


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Hi @brothe58  Thanks for the clarifying me and sorry for the late reply.

I think still not possible as part of default Acumatica, if required you can always enable “Print Labels” action on the  top level.


If you wanted to disable the action from second time onwards it will work as expected (like from second time we can move it to the options with disabled) but in your case, it should be always enable and first time on the TOP and from second time onwards action should be available on the options actions.


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Hi @brothe58

I verified the same but there is no option to hide the Action based on the DAC field condition. You may need to check this by customization. 


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