How can I call a form from the grid of another form?

  • 19 November 2021
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I am developing a form that presents a summary of the invoices of a seller, in the header the filter variables are selected and in the grid for each line is presented an accumulated by month and seller of the invoices collected, the customer requires to see, by clicking an action button on the grid, the form that presents separately the detail of the invoices that make up the summary of each line of the grid.


I will appreciate your support. Thank you.


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If I am understanding correctly you just need to display invoices based on parameters from the currently selected row of a grid?

Easiest way to do that would be by using a side panel. You would essential create a GI that shows invoices with a parameter for whatever data field you are filtering them by. Then in the customization editor you can create an action with Navigation: Side Panel selected and make sure it is pulling the necessary parameters. You will need to make sure that SyncPosition is enabled on the grid though(this makes sure the grid syncs the selected row back to the server).

You may run into issues trying to pull the parameters from the grid but an easy workaround for that would be to sync the currently selected row parameter to a hidden field in the main filter DAC.

Here’s a link that covers the topic:

The other option would be to create another grid and view that returns invoices based on the current value of the first grid. You would need to set SyncPosition to true on the first grid and have an autocallback setup to refresh the second grid when the first one changes.

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Hi @arturoromo51 The Acumatica Side panels using the Generic Inquiry is a nice tool that can be implemented without any development efforts.

If you are still looking for a code to open a popup on the click, please find the below link to open a screen in a popup or new window.



I have tried both solutions, the first one leads me to the use of a Generic Query and the program where I want to call the program I want to show with the detail is an aspx file.
In the second solution we have a problem, the recommendation is based on version 2020R1 and we are working on version 2021R1 and it does not show the "Navigation Site Panel" in the "Type Action" drop down window.
We keep trying.
Thanks in advance.

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