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  • 23 November 2021
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I have a requirement to generate a “signature” in the body of an Event in Acumatica as a default when creating a new Event.  There does not appear to be an option to select the “source” for an Event, so I am attempting to code it.  I have been able to get the currently logged in users name and set it using the below code:

namespace PX.Objects.EP
  public class EPEventMaint_Extension : PXGraphExtension<EPEventMaint>
    #region Event Handlers
    protected void CRActivity_Body_FieldDefaulting(PXCache cache, PXFieldDefaultingEventArgs e)
      //var row = (CRActivity)e.Row;
      var userId= PXAccess.GetUserID();
      var displayName = PXAccess.GetUserDisplayName();
      e.NewValue = "<br /><b>Name:" + displayName + "</b><br /><b>Phone:</b><br /><b>URL:</b>";

However, I am also needing to get the currently logged in employee’s Business 1 phone number and Web address to complete.  I imagine this would be some sort of BQL search using the PXAccess.GetUserID() value to walk the EPEmployee table and the BAccount table, but I dont know how to code this.  It seems to me that there might be some inbuilt function for collecting currently logged in users’ employee values, but I cant seem to find anything out there on this.  Can anyone provide an assist?  Thanks in advance!




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Hi @scalhoon40,


please try with the below BQL,

 var userId = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<ICurrentUserInformationProvider>().GetUserId();   // PXAccess.GetUserID();

           PXResult<EPEmployee,BAccount,Contact> result = (PXResult<EPEmployee, BAccount, Contact>)PXSelectJoin<EPEmployee,
                                        InnerJoin<BAccount, On<EPEmployee.bAccountID, Equal<BAccount.bAccountID>>,
                                        InnerJoin<Contact, On<Contact.contactID, Equal<BAccount.defContactID>>>>,
                                        Where<EPEmployee.userID, Equal<Required<EPEmployee.userID>>>>.Select(Base, userId);

            Contact objContact = result;

            string Phone1 = objContact.Phone1;
            string website = objContact.WebSite;



Thank you so very much for the reply!  This worked with one exception; when using 

var userId = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<ICurrentUserInformationProvider>().GetUserId();

when I publish, it generates an error:

error CS0103: The name 'ServiceLocator' does not exist in the current context

So, I switched to 

var userId = PXAccess.GetUserID();

and it worked perfectly.  Thank you again for your help on this one and hopefully someone else can get value out of this!

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Hi @scalhoon40 

We need to add the namespace “CommonServiceLocator” to use the ServiceLocator.


Thanks for your update.


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