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Sales Orders used to have a REPORTS drop down menu where I could add in reports etc. I seem to be missing that now with the upgrade to 2021 R1. How do I re-add the reports drop down button?

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As an add-on to this, I am trying to add a report drop down on my SO’s of type TR. There is no report drop-down on that screen and I don’t see a “TR” workflow, which seems odd to me too. Is this missing?

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Hey Michael, so this is how I do it with a customization in 2020R1. I know they added new UI tools for this with the new version, but this should still work.

The Actions, Inquiry & Reports folders are there on most screens, but are automatically hidden when empty. To reveal them again, try adding actions to them. You can do this in the initialize method of an SOOrder graph extension.


public override void Initialize()


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The method shouldn’t be empty as I added a report to it. I’m thinking the issue is the lack of a SO with type TR workflow. I can add a report to the interface, but it only appears on SO’s of type SO. Anyone know if it’s due me enabling the report on the wrong workflow? Below are the workflows I am seeing (I made the Sales Order workflow at the bottom)



My options when making a new workflow are:


Again, nothing about SO’s of type TR. I’m at a loss as how to modify this screen at this point.

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Anyone know how to access SO’s of type TR in the Customization screens. This is starting to create issues in our workflow.

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Is this an error with 2021 R1? Can anyone modify SO’s of type TR in the new interface?

@Michael Hansen Have you figured anything out? I’m running into a similar issue where I would like to modify the TR Sales Order screen and cannot. 

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This was more complex than I had hoped. The TYPES in the workflow aren’t types at all, they’re behavior codes. Assuming you have admin rights, search for ORDER TYPES. Now open your type code (mine was TR), then select the TEMPLATE SETTINGS segment, then look at AUTOMATION BEHAVIOR, mine was coded to SO, because for me my Sales Order’s of type TR are controlled by the automation code “SO”.


If you need help digging deeper let me know. These new workflows are quite a chore to get rolling, but the power they extend to users is glorious. For my specific case, I had to use “conditions” etc to ensure my values only appeared under certain criteria, but at least this puts you in the “place” to make changes for your specific document type.

@Michael Hansen I had assumed that was what they were doing but that is helpful to know for sure. 

What I’m trying to do is add a field that will only show up on the Sales Order form only when Order Type = TR. It is obvious that there are a number of conditional fields that are toggles when TR is selected, but there is nothing identifiable in the Editor or Workflows. I have heard that this should be done with an event handler, but am just starting to understand what is needed to make that work. 


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Yeah, where you select WORKFLOWS, you can also select CONDITIONS.

We wish to apply a condition to your field. Fields have 3 places to put a condition: HIDDEN, DISABLED, REQUIRED. We want to say the field is HIDDEN if the doctype doesn’t equal TR.

So go to conditions, add a new one, name it something meaningful (NOT-A-TR is mine), then set the doc type not equal TR and save. Go to fields, add your field to the list. Add your condition to the HIDDEN column and publish. This field should only appear on SO’s of type TR now.

I had to have my VAR show me this, the documentation is severely lacking online. Holler if you need more help!

@Michael Hansen, I was poking around all the right areas but your instructions were spot on. Thanks for saving me a couple of hours of work. 


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