Microsoft Office 365 marking ACM bath emails as spam

  • 18 March 2022
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Has anyone had the issue of Microsoft 365 marking emails as spam when send batched of email such as invoices?

Our customer has been trying to resolve this with Microsoft.  I only see on community idea in this topic to try to send CRM marketing emails in smaller bathes.

Has anyone been able to resolve this?

Dale Simmerly

CAL Business Solutions



5 replies

opps sorry the the typo lol

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Apologies if this isn’t exactly the answer to your question, but in my opinion, for transactional email sending like this, you are way better off using a service like Mailgun:

They do charge by sending volume rather than fixed fee, but it is generally reasonable assuming you aren’t sending 10 million+ emails a month. It will give you way better reporting on bounces and other sending issues. You will also avoid stuff like this:

Make sure you implement DKIM and SPF with Mailgun (I think they force you to). Then you shouldn’t have any of these problems. You can also configure an unlimited number of sending emails for the same domain with no additional charge, versus having to pay per account with other services like Exchange 365. It is also way easier to track what happened to your mail with a service like Mailgun (you will see very specific logs of every delivery event for every email, and can program webhooks to act on certain success or failure events).

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Hello Dale!

We have seen something like this with an O365 customer.  They were using the Mass Emails feature to send price change letters to their customers, but guessing the specific Acumatica source doesn’t matter from 365’s perspective.

We found this happened even though they were below the MS limits shown here:

For now we’re debating doing a mail merge outside of Acumatica, or trying the SendGrid integration. Neither sounds like a great solution for your invoicing need.

Interested if others here have run into this, and how they solved it.

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Hi @dales50 were you able to resolve your issue? Thank you!

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Hi.  We had this occur today with one of our customers when sending EFT payment notifications from their AP Payment Batch.  Is there anything specific to do within the email template or something similar to prevent the account from being blocked in the future?



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