Big Commerce sales price sync with wrong unit of measure (UOM)

  • 14 September 2021
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For some reason the pricing sync for Big Commerce when you have multiple units of measure enabled is to use the base unit and not the sales unit.  This is a major problem because customers build pricing based on the sales unit and not the base/stocking unit.  How do we go about getting this changed?  This is a critical issue for one of our clients.

Limitations of Sales Price Synchronization

  • UOM-specific prices: In Acumatica ERP, if the Multiple Units of Measure feature is enabled on the Enable/Disable Features (CS100000) form, you can define a sales price of an item for each of the units of measure in which your company sells this item. However, only prices defined for the base UOM can be exported to BigCommerce.

4 replies

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@KurtBauer Thanks for the question. 

It is designed as such because the Base unit of measure is not likely to change when compared with Sales unit of measure. Sales Price sync is complicated. Imagine you have synced the prices with UOM being EA with BigCommerce(BC) and then you simply go to Stock Item and change the UOM to PIECE but this change will not be reflected to Sales Price because the last modified date of the Sales Price will not be updated with this change of UOM in Stock Item. So the price from EA has to be removed and price from PIECE must be update in BC which will never be reflected. So that's why we say it is complicated and we went with the option which would have minimum changes. 

Nevertheless, your request is valid, we will discuss internally and get back to you. 

Thank you

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Thanks for the explanation.  It all makes sense.  

Could an update be made to the Last Modified Date on the ARSalesPrices table for the InventoryID and UOM to then cause the sync to recognize the change in the sales price record?

The client doesn’t plan on changing the sales unit on the inventory item, so I’m sure they would be fine with a small customization to use SalesUnit instead of BaseUnit in the BC Sync engine.




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Any updates on a possible fix to the UOM issue?  The client cannot continue with testing and implementation without proper pricing.


Kurt Bauer

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@KurtBauer I have already created the ticket with our engineering team and we have planned it for the next sprint. Even when it is developed, mostly it would be available in 2021R1(29-Oct-21) and 2021R2(08-Oct-21) latest builds.  


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